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My motivation for writing this book is centered on readers who are leaders of tomorrow on the value of good leadership which is the root-cause of the struggles and hatred that is being witnessed globally.

For 50 years and still counting, it has been a one-family rule in Russia as President Nikolai Lupechenko continued from where his Grand-father (Admiral) and father (Viktor) left off.

Charles Omo turned down a lucrative job offer to establish his passion for writing, and focus fully on his dream writing career.

Unlike the duo, who are seen during their regime as the people’s president – Nikolai took a detour, believing that the best way to rule a country is to instill fear and awe into its citizens- this tyrannical rule doesn’t go well with some of the country’s overlords as plots were put in place to eliminate Viktor’s only son and to finally put an end to the Lupechenkos’ grapple to power.